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    Hi, We are sosorowa
    We introduce to you famous Korean illustrators artists
    and handcrafters and their works.

    Please read the notice before making a purchase to avoid any unnecessary
    disadvantages or confusions.

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  • Purchases

    We introduce you to a variety of famous Korean artists.

    The categories under *All Brands* tab are the same as the artists’ Instagram ID
    Follow them on Instagram to see more of their work, and show them your support! :)

    You can purchase products as a group or in a bulk.
    We do not restrict resellers from purchasing our products,
    but we do not want resellers to use any of our display images directly.
    Please use the images and pictures you’ve taken yourself for such purpose.

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  • Shipping

    It usually takes 2 - 5 working days for the orders to be processed.
    However it may take longer if there is a shortage in stock.
    In such cases, we will inform you via email so make your email address is valid.

    We ship through EMS.
    However due to the current COVID-19 pandemic,
    EMS may not be available in your country.
    In such cases, the items will be shipped through UPS and
    we’ll inform you if there is any additional shipping cost via email.

    You can always order additional products
    if your previous order hasn’t been shipped off yet.
    We understand how costly international shipping can be so we want to help you
    out as much as possible in regards to this issue.

    Please write the recipient’s name and address in English.

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  • Purchasing through SHOPEE

    If the product on this website is not on SHOPEE
    or if you need personal payment link, let us know through the chat room

    You might have to wait a while after requesting personal payment link as
    we may have to check the price and the stock.
    Please be patient with us.

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  • Thank you for visiting our website from a faraway country.
    We hope everything you receive from us is of joy and happiness.
    If you have a chance, we’d like you to visit Korea and come visit us at Sosorowa as well
    Until then, we’ll continue to keep Sosorowa filled with love